• Electric Breast pump

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In harmony with Nature

Award Winner

Highest rated electric breast pump for 2021 and 2022


Adapts to major brands

Comfortable breast pump

This breast pump is super easy to use and fits me very comfortably. It works very efficiently and is much faster than trying to pump manually. It's not too noisy as it makes a low humming sound which I find quite soothing. I'm very happy with this pump.

Julius D.

Convenient to use

This breast pump is so convenient to use, I take it everywhere I go with bub. It can be used plugged in at home or used out and about with a battery. I have used it for three months now and I haven't had any problems.


Ticks all the boxes!!

The breast pump is very comfortable to use for larger breasts, even with sore and broken nipples the first few weeks this pump was great for in between feeds to give my nipples a break from bub.


Breastfeeding made easy

I find it very comfortable as it imitates the natural flow of milk during the suction process.

Meryll Stanley

Great product great price, thank you!

Very compact and easy to carry around, really easy and comfortable to use and great price. The double pump makes it a lot quicker to express milk, all round really handy (:


Who is Apre?

Apre is an 100% Australian owned brand dedicated to providing BPA Free, safe, reliable and affordable baby products of the highest quality.  We pride ourselves on developing products that make parents life easier.  After all, raising your child is the most special time of your life and every moment counts.  Please take your time and browse through our range of baby feeding products including bottle sterilisers, breast pumps, bottle warmers and of course bottles and accessories.   We value the feedback of our customers so please, email us any suggestions or feedback you may have!

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