Don’t buy a Medela Breast Pump until you have read about this alternative!

So you’ve been advised to buy a Medela Breast Pump but are wondering if there are any alternatives? How do Medela Breast Pumps compare to Apre Breast Pumps is one of the most common questions we get asked.  There are not many brands of breast pumps available in Australia and New Zealand and Medela is certainly the best known brand.  However we do offer a real alternative for breastfeeding and Mum’s are backing us up on this, raving about the Apre Breast Pumps as offering high quality and fantastic features at an affordable price and we are the only breast pump brand in the world to offer a no questions asked money back guarantee!

So how does Apre compare to Medela?  Let’s find out:

Medela Swing & Swing Maxi

Medela Swing Compare


  • Dual phase program option to encourage letdown and speed up milk flow
  • Adjustable vacuum strength
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Single pumping only (or double pumping only with the Maxi)
  • Open system – less hygienic
  • Expensive
  • No money back guarantee
  • Not compatible with other brand bottles.


Apre Baby 2 in 1 Electric Breast Pump



  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dual phase program option to encourage letdown and speed up milk flow
  • Adjustable vacuum strength
  • Adjustable cycle speed
  • Single or double pumping options (with the twin shield adaptor) – saves time & better supports supply
  • Closed system – a physical barrier prevents milk getting anywhere near the pump
  • Stronger motor than Medela Swing (see video for test comparison)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Compatible with most major brand bottles including Avent and Medela/Pigeon (in conjunction with the bottle adaptor)


  • We are trying to think of some, we’ll come back to you!


Apre 2 in1 Electric Breast Pump vs Medela Swing Testing Comparison


Tech Specs Medela Vs Apre Baby

Medela vs Apre Baby

Apre Baby Electric Breast Pump Reviews


Checkout real independent reviews at or view excerpts below:

This is such a quiet and efficient pump.I switched to this unit after getting sick of my previous noisy and expensive pump which was painful. This one is very comfortable and the suction controls and speeds are great. It also doesn’t hurt my boob in any way despite the fact that the pump is hospital grade. Don’t waste your money on the bigger brand ones. I highly recommend this.

Very good product, great quality, worth paying a little extra for the two in one system.
Easy to use with instructions etc.. highly recommend to any mum having troubles with normal breast pump or just need a easier one to use. Overall amazing product. . . . . . .

I was definitely sceptical of this pump given its price compared to others. However I have been really pleasantly surprised - it’s great! I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and it’s been perfect. I used the medela in hospital for a week and can say that the Apre is just as effective and is in fact more comfortable with the silicon insert. I also like how it has several different settings when you first turn it on - seems to be very effective in initiating let down. Would definitely recommend!

Extracting milk is definitely a big challenge for me. It used to hurt so bad. This pump, for me, didn’t hurt at all. It fits really well, is really comfortable and quiet and I am able to express heaps of milk from it. Since then I gave it to my friend and she also noted the same. So given the amazing price and the quality I have to say its been surprisingly good!